Everything Begin
With An Ideas...


Message of the Chairman

Every good and pleasant idea is an opportunity to the World. It is necessary not to deprive the World from anything good and pleasant.

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HVS GROUP, as a reputable company that provides services and products for the sectors in its field of activity, is highly committed to its ethical values…

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HVS GROUP undertakes a mission of constant improvement with its innovative and competitive management approach for the development of the…

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About us

We have been providing added value to the country’s people and economy by operating our brands in different fields such as: Education, Organization, Communication, Publishing and Food since 2008.

We adopt brand-new marketing models in the field of communication and provide need-based projects together with 360 degree communication service.

In the field of education, we organize an individual/institutional training course to institutions, individuals, schools and children with specially planned contents according to their needs.

In the field of organization, we undertake a mission as a bridge on the way to successful events by presenting the combination of business and academic world, customer and brand, theory and practice.

In the field of publishing, we prepare educational and cultural publications in the aim of providing not only textbooks, which are embodied with sample practices taken from daily life, but also delivering valuable publications to children of all ages.

With our work in the food sector, we offer high-quality, taste and naturalness with discipline and diligence corresponding to international standards throughout the whole production process to consumers.

We will continue to value our country’s people and economy with the help of our work in our area of activity.

Our Values

Three elements of our determination, which brings us the success are;
  • Trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers and our business partners.
Performance and Excellence
  • We value high quality performance and products to aim for excellence in all our processes.
Quality of Our Service
  • We bring value through the quality of our services and our competitively priced products.




We are working optimally in the line of our aims in order to generate sustainable profitability in every business group we operate. We are confident that we…
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There is an inefficiency of traditional business manners due to the rapidly changing world’s circumstances. It is necessary for companies to take action more…
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Managing the future means managing innovation for us. If you can innovate, you are able to manage the future for your company as well. We are going to focus…
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Creating Value

We are sure that if you put forth useful and valuable works for the society, it will show you the value you deserve in return and a truly win-win model will emerge…
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Social Responsibility

We support projects related to raising awareness of autism in public with our publications.

We carry out awareness activities to establish respecting the right to life of animals and to have children gain love of animals with our publications.

We provide awareness activities to form green consciousness and to have children gain love of nature with our publications.


Idea Creator

Detailed information about the Idea Creator Project will be made soon.