Message of the Chairman

Every good and pleasant idea is an opportunity to the World. It is necessary not to deprive the World from anything good and pleasant.

When I went to Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany to study Political Sciences, I thought I would move on with my life there. However, everything began with my return to Istanbul in 2008, the most beautiful city in the world, with the work experiences I gained after my study in Germany.

As I pay attention to Earl Nightingale’s words ‘everything begins with an idea’, I established the GM Agency in order to put my communicational and organizational skills into practice.

Since we know very well the motto “If you have a team that you trust, you don’t have to look far to reach good ideas”, we implemented this idea immediately. And with the excitement of working in the field of education, in 2012, we put Zarafet Academy Training and Consultancy Service into operation aiming to organize an individual/institutional training course to institutions, individuals, schools and children with specially planned contents according to their needs.

As being an entrepreneur is a learning experience, we thought that we should convey our experiences to a wider audience. And with the awareness that the knowledge will be the most determining factor in shaping individuals, institutions and societies in the future, with the vision of bringing different perspectives to the fairs, congresses, summits and seminars that will be held in this sense in Turkey, we laid the foundations of The Conferences Turkey in 2015 with our experience in the education and consultancy sector.

Over the years, new ideas have developed for the needs in the sectors of our fields of activity. We act upon developing ideas and opportunities and we established Mavi Bilye Publishing in 2018 with the aim of providing not only textbooks, which are embodied with sample practices taken from daily life, but also delivering valuable publications to children of all ages.

In order to increase our sector diversity and to be constantly open to innovations, we launched the Polenkoy brand in 2020, which offers high-quality, taste and naturalness with discipline and diligence corresponding to international standards throughout the whole production process to consumers.

Apart from the sectoral works and brands we have mentioned so far, of course, there were areas that we could not plan and implement, or that we could not achieve. “We knew very well that success is the determination to run from one failure to another.” Therefore, we never got tired of producing and working and we never gave up. I am sure that we will plant the seeds of new initiatives in many more sectors and in different fields. We will be the lifeblood of the seeds that have been planted and we will never stop working and producing.

Mikail COSAR