• food

    Polenkoy is a Turkey located food company that offers its clients quality, good taste and naturalness with discipline and diligence corresponding to international standards…

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  • publishing
    Mavi Bilye Publishing

    Mavi Bilye Publishing essentially aims to provide not only textbooks, which are embodied with sample practices taken from daily life, but also valuable publications to the children…

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  • organization
    The Conferences Turkey

    The Conferences Turkey has consciousness about the knowledge that will be the most determining factor to form the individuals, institutions and society in the future. Thus, it was…

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  • 360
    GM Agency

    GM offers many services including strategy, conception, planning and organization of fairs, promotions and events. Also appropriate personnel for the determined organizations…

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  • education
    Zarafet Academy

    Zarafet Academy offers self-improvement trainings to institutions, individuals, schools and children in line with their needs, under the banner of ‘elegance’ with specially prepared…

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The perception of production being only done by factories is utmostly incorrect. In fact, primary production is the idea. Without an idea, there are neither factories nor anything to be able to produce. Essential thing to value and invest in is the idea.

Mikail COŞAR