POLENKOY is a Turkey located food company that offers its clients quality, good taste and naturalness with discipline and diligence corresponding to international standards throughout the whole production process. POLENKOY produces food products for export from Turkey with different brands for every customer’s needs. In addition, POLENKOY offers customers who want to import products into their countries under their own brands a comprehensive one-stop-range of services from design to quality assurance, from packaging to transport. The mission of POLENKOY is to offer innovative products under its own brand to the consumers in Turkey and especially in international markets and to ensure a profitable and sustainable growth.

All the products in our portfolio are under our control at every stage of production until the final filling and packaging. Therefore, all certificates and analytical procedures of our products comply with international standards. In this way, we can offer our customers the desired quality, natural origin, and taste. Among the products we export are honey, molasses, tahini halva, jam, olives and olive oil.

Our range of products is constantly expanding.

Many of the branded products in the POLENKOY portfolio are exported with customers to end users all over the world.