The Conferences Turkey

The Conferences Turkey has consciousness about the knowledge that will be the most determining factor to form the individuals, institutions and society in the future. Thus, it was founded on the basis of experiences in training and consulting with the vision to bring different perspectives to fair, congress, summit and seminar organizations.

In this context, it aims to provide solutions that are focused on institutional and individual development by analyzing the expectations and needs of individuals and institutions, identifying issues that will serve to their development and creating tangible values for the customers.

The services provided by The Conferences Turkey include many activities ranging from determining strategies and planning to the organization of events.

The Conferences Turkey has undertaken an important mission as a bridge on the way to success by presenting the combination of business world and academic world, customer and brand, theory and practice.

And putting all these into practice, it undertakes as a duty to be respectful to the country and the people of the relevant country where it operates and has taken important steps to make each organization a part of the social responsibility project.